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Capture Coldtooth Mine into Lady Anacondra = Victory?

We’ve designed the spiciest of spicy Druid decks for you today. This deck is built around just 1 key new card from Fractured in Alterac Valley, but it’s so completely core to the deck that this archetype simply could not have existed before. That card, my friends, is Capture Coldtooth Mine. Jump right into the…

Spell Priest with Irondeep Trogg

This Priest deck is built around casting tons of spells and getting rewarded with buffs and cost reductions. Fractured in Alterac Valley provided a ton of new cards for this archetype (at least, the way we’ve assembled it!). This particular build puts a large emphasis on Irondeep Trogg to give us a winning strategy against…

Miracle Druid (Spamming Nature Spells)

This Druid deck is an aggro-combo deck that is fully designed around casting a critical mass of cheap and free spells to take advantage of Guff Runetotem and Stormpike Quartermaster. Oracle of Elune can then double all of these buffs, letting us pump out a massive board all in one turn. Jump right in to…

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